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When it comes to prenatal care, you deserve compassion, attentiveness, and the best possible individualized services. On the busy road to motherhood, empathic OB/GYN Smita Biswas, MD, offers valuable prenatal care at her two practice locations in Midtown East, New York City, and Flushing, Queens, New York. When you’re pregnant, you should be focusing on what matters most and letting the medical professionals organize, assist, and plan for a safe and healthy pregnancy. Call Smita Biswas, MD, or book online today for your prenatal care appointment.

Prenatal Care Q & A

What is prenatal care?

Prenatal care is an integral part of motherhood for both the mother and baby. Prenatal care might involve:

  • Routine diagnostic testing
  • Medical history evaluations
  • Checkups
  • Ultrasounds
  • Physical exams

Prenatal care gives you valuable time to discuss your pregnancy questions or concerns and an in-depth medical history evaluation.

For Dr. Biswas, the goal is to maximize your likelihood of having a normal vaginal delivery. She emphasizes and encourages healthy lifestyle changes and cautions against environmental toxins and carcinogens to help you have a healthier and safer pregnancy and delivery.

How does an ultrasound work?

An ultrasound is a key part of prenatal care. Ultrasound refers to a noninvasive test using high-frequency sound waves to produce detailed pictures of the inside of your body. The images are taken in real-time and can show the structure and the movements of your internal organs and blood flow.

Dr. Biswas might use ultrasound technology to diagnose the cause of infections, swelling, and pain in the internal organs. It’s also used for other purposes and in some treatments. With prenatal care, ultrasounds are primarily used to examine the fetus at different stages of the pregnancy.

What medical services are involved in prenatal care?

Dr. Biswas can provide effective screenings that test for certain abnormalities and conditions in a baby, such as Turner syndrome, Down syndrome, and problems with sex chromosomes. Most tests are blood tests that are performed at specific stages of pregnancy.

Dr. Biswas supports you through every stage of your pregnancy.

First trimester

Your first trimester lasts until about 12 weeks. Your first prenatal visit usually takes place when you’re around eight weeks pregnant and involves:

  • Blood work
  • Gynecological exam
  • Ultrasound
  • Confirmation pregnancy test
  • Planning your pregnancy medical care

Dr. Biswas recommends first trimester visits at least once a month.

Second trimester

Your second trimester is until about 28 weeks and your monthly visits should continue during this time. When you reach 18 weeks, Dr. Biswas gives you another ultrasound to evaluate your baby’s anatomy, and if you’d like to know, you can also find out the sex of your baby at this time.

Third trimester

The third trimester lasts until around 40 weeks and biweekly prenatal visits should now occur. Weekly prenatal visits are necessary during the last four weeks of your pregnancy up until your delivery. 

Get the quality and personalized support you deserve during your pregnancy, and call Smita Biswas, MD, or use the online scheduling tool.